What we will try to do

It is impossible to live in this world and not be touched by evil. But we don't have to be captive to it. Evil can be overcome.

We never have to look far for evidence of evil. Stories of violence and wrongdoing fill the news every day. We don't have to be crime victims ourselves to feel its effects. Because people shoplift, we now have cameras in dressing rooms and electronic tags on merchandise. Because terrorists want to kill us, we have to take off our shoes and surrender our nail clippers at the airport. Because people try to swindle us, we treat strangers with suspicion. And with sexual predators running rampant in our communities and on the Internet, we're afraid to let our children out of our sight.

It seems that evil is winning. But we must not surrender.

We are two longtime journalists, married for almost 25 years, who have been compelled by events in our lives to examine the far-reaching effects of evil and trauma on the human psyche.

This information you will find on this site is the result of several years of research into the psychology of trauma, decades of reading and reporting news, more than a half century of living and a lifetime of learning how to live our Christian faith. Since learning never ends, this site will remain a work in progress.

When operational, we hope the site will use our research and writings and the research and writings of others to demonstrate not only the toll that evil takes on lives, but how to break the cycle of evil and overcome it. It will include real-life examples of tragedies caused by evil and inspirational stories of victory over evil.

It will examine how we can be changed -- psychologically and physically -- when evil is done to us or when we do evil to others. And it will try to offer help about what you can do to fight back.

Please check back soon.